Foundation Gym Instagram Collage


Project Overview

Foundation Gym was looking for a way to engage with their clients during COVID while the physical gym was closed under lockdown. The owners decided to implement a social media campaign called “12 Days of Foundation” leading up to January 1st. Every day for 12 days, they would release a quote from one of the coaches along with an exercise for the clients to perform. To tie it all together, they wanted the 12 coach pictures to form a multi-photo collage grid when viewed on their Instagram profile.


I worked with the owners and other coaches to schedule times to shoot the photos that would make up the collage. Once all the images were taken, I clipped each one out, then began arranging them on a 3×4 grid. I also placed colored smoke behind the images to distinguish each coach and add excitement. To cap it off, I added a silver overlay to the Foundation logo and placed it in the background so that it was only visible once all 12 images had been posted.


The posts were a huge hit. They increased engagement on the platform, but more importantly, communicated positivity and togetherness to the community. Clients were excited to see friendly faces in the form of their coaches and also have exercises to keep them motivated through the holidays. The owners were elated with how dynamic and engaging the end product turned out to represent the gym’s leadership and creativity in the fitness industry.